The 30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30)
& Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC2020)
November 8(Sun) - 13(Fri), 2020 ICC JEJU, Jeju, Republic of Korea



The International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC) was established in 1984 as an opportunity for participants to present and discuss problems concerning solar power generation—specifically, the basic properties of the photovoltaic effect, solar cell materials and processes, solar cell modules and peripherals, and photovoltaic systems, as well as measures for popularizing solar power generation. The aim of the conference was to contribute to developing scholarship in relevant fields (from fundamental understanding to application) and enriching society.

The PVSEC must bring together a wide range of R&D professionals and experts from industry, academia, and public institutions, and through lively discussions, provide an excellent opportunity for participants to consider and devise ways of making academic progress in this field and creating new energy systems for society.

About PVSEC-30 & GPVC 2020

PVSEC is one of the world's top three academic conferences in photovoltaic industry, along with EU PVSEC in Europe and IEEE PVSC in the United State. This is fourth time that Korea has been given the honor to host this prestigious event since it organized the 2015 conference in Busan.

Year Conference Location Year Conference Location
2019 PVSEC-29 Xi'an, China 2004 PVSEC-14 Bankok, Thailand
2018 PVSEC-28 (WCPEC-7) Hawaii, USA 2003 PVSEC-13 (WCPEC-3) Osaka, Japan
2017 PVSEC-27 Otsu, Japan 2001 PVSEC-12 Jeju, Korea
2016 PVSEC-26 Singapore 1999 PVSEC-11 Sapporo, Japan
2015 PVSEC-25 Busan, Korea 1998 PVSEC-10 (WCPEC-2) Vienna, Austria
2014 PVSEC-24 (WCPEC-6) Kyoto, Japan 1996 PVSEC-9 Miyazaki, Japan
2013 PVSEC-23 Taipei, Taiwan 1994 PVSEC-8 (WCPEC-1) Hawaii, USA
2012 PVSEC-22 Hangzhou, China 1993 PVSEC-7 Nagoya, Japan
2011 PVSEC-21 Fukuoka, Japan 1992 PVSEC-6 NewDelhi, India
2010 PVSEC-20 (WCPEC-5) Valencia, Spain 1990 PVSEC-5 Kyoto, Japan
2009 PVSEC-19 Jeju, Korea 1989 PVSEC-4 Sydney, Australia
2009 PVSEC-18 Kolkata, India 1987 PVSEC-3 Tokyo, Japan
2007 PVSEC-17 Fukuoka, Japan 1986 PVSEC-2 Beijing, China
2006 PVSEC-16 (WCPEC-4) Hawaii, USA 1984 PVSEC-1 Kobe, Japan
2005 PVSEC-15 Shanghai, China  


The 30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) & Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC2020)
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