The 30th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) &
Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC 2020)
Hybrid Conference On-site and On-line November 8 (Sun) - 13 (Fri), 2020 ICC JEJU, Jeju, Republic of Korea

News & Notice

[Notice] Hosting of On-site and On-line conference

News & Notice
Writer SecretariatDate2020-08-25
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News & Notice

Greetings from the secretariat of the 30 th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-30) and Global Photovoltaic Conference 2020 (GPVC 2020)!

PVSEC-30 and GPVC 2020 will be held both online and off-line (hybrid) in Jeju, Korea, in November 8 to 13, 2020.

We request you to tune in and participate in the following conference events:

1. Hybrid Operation of the Event

All oral presentations, including plenary & keynote speeches • All oral presentations, including plenary sessions and keynote speeches, will be live-streamed according to the conference program schedule.
Thus, all overseas participants will be able to watch the sessions, in real time, they have selected.

• The poster sessions are only held off-line. However, overseas participants may apply for a poster presentation through virtual conference registration. In this case, they must submit the poster file (in PDF format) so that the secretariat can print and post it at the relevant poster session (an optional 3 min speech video file can also be submitted).

• The poster presentation materials in PDF format and the optional 3 min speech files will be distributed to all online and
off-line registrants ahead of time.

Domestic presenters/ participants

• Oral/Poster Presentations: Participants shall physically give oral/poster presentations at the event (off-line).
Overseas presenters/ participants • Oral Presentations: Please select the “online/off-line presentation” option when submitting an abstract. Recordings of all online oral presentations,
aside from the live videos for online plenary speeches, will be replayed in the session room at the corresponding presentation time.
(presentation s will be converted to online presentations if scheduled off-line presenters are unable to attend on the day of the conference)

• Poster Presentations: Please select the “off-line presentation” or “poster file submission” options when submitting an abstract. All submitted poster files (PDF format) will be printed by the secretariat and posted to the corresponding poster sessions.(an optional 3 min speech video can be submitted)

2. Information on Online (Virtual) Conference Registration

Only overseas residents are allowed to register for the online conference. Furthermore, participants who paid for the registration fees online can view all presentations in real time during the conference period (November8 - 13) and download poster presentation materials (together with the optional 3 min speech videos). Registration fees are shown in the table below.

Category Virtual conference registration (by October 12, 2020)
Delegate USD 350
Student USD 150

Registration fees include the following: livestreamed conference presentations given and downloadable presentation materials of poster presentations. (together with the optional 3 min speech videos)

3. Information on the Student Award

PVSEC-30 introduces the Student Award for the first time to recognize outstanding student paper sand provide academic motivation among the conference’s participants. We encourage students to We encourage students to apply for the student award during the abstract submission process. Please refer to for more information.

4. Information on the Isolation Exemption (Fast Track ) Program

All incoming Korean and foreign individuals are subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine. However, such a quarantine requirement is waived for those who are visiting Korea for academic purposes (such as the international conference).Moreover, travelers who are issued with the Isolation Exemption Certificate issued at the Korean Embassy/Consulate in their country of origin are also exempt from quarantine requirements.

The main procedure for securing the certificate is as follows:

1) Obtain a visa and airline tickets (e-ticket);
2) Fill in the Isolation Exemption Certificate form and obtain a negative PCR test certificate. Prepare other required documents for Isolation Exemption , and submit them to the Korean Embassy/Consulate in your country.
3) Present the Isolation Exemption Certificate upon your arrival in Korea.
4) Test negative at an airport screening station or screening center (it usually takes one night and two days to get the results).
5) Respond to phone calls from health authorities, and submit daily health updates via the mobile Self-Diagnosis App throughout your stay in Korea.
6) You may be subject to quarantine requirements upon arrival in your country of origin, depending on the applicable rules.


Please refer to the attached Information of Isolation Exception if you intend to participate in the conference under the above mentioned exemption program. Please contact the secretariat ( ) for further information.
- Information of Isolation Exception(Fast Tract): Click HERE for download

5. Information on the Important Dates

The abstract submission deadline is extended to September 7 .

Category Dates
Abstract submission deadline September 7, 2020 (extended)
Abstract acceptance notice September 21, 2020
On-line registration deadline October 12, 2020

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the secretariat ( ).
Thank you.

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